Why Do People Let Balloons Go?

Blue Balloons - Trash on Beach

Countless balloons are released around the world every day.

Numerous non-profit organizations and charity groups preform mass balloon releases to raise funds. Many regarding sensitive issues including memorials and life-threatening illnesses. Balloons filled with Helium are contributing to the depletion of this finite resource that is essential for life-saving medical procedures, scientific research, and many other important applications.

Take note when you see balloons and you will notice they are saturated in our society:

It’s a birthday party full of friends, family, and balloons. Some escape…

A loved one passes away. Everyone in their family now release balloons for them every year….

A student thinks it would be a cool idea to release balloons to get attention for their club….

In the midst of a fair, balloons can just slip out of reach…

A child lets go a balloon to watch it float away…

There are even websites and social media pages that encourage people to release balloons, misleading any who question the effects they have on the environment. More and more commercials these days depict balloon releases that only glorify it which may give more people the idea to continue this harmful practice; wasting Helium and causing more damage to our natural world.

These are all results of people not knowing about the dangers of balloons. If people knew, then they might tie that balloon extra tight around their child’s wrist, or think twice about all those years of letting them go as a memory or celebration. Why kill more life in remembrance of another?

Broken Balloon with String on Beach